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Masters of the Universe™: Battleground is a two-player fantasy
skirmish game representing the war between the two powerful
forces of Eternia: the Masters of the Universe™ and the Evil
Warriors. During the game, each player controls characters from
one of these forces and equips them with a variety of weapons
and items. Then, each player attempts to claim objectives,
complete side missions, and defeat the opposing force.
With hundreds of characters and equipment combinations
and an innovative activation system, each game of Masters of the
Universe™: Battleground offers a unique and exciting experience.
Do you have what it takes to be the Master of the Universe?

• 1 x 32-page Rulebook
• 1 x 12-page Battleground Book
• 1 x 22"x30" Battleground game board
• 5 x Masters of the Universe miniatures
• 5 x Evil Warriors miniatures
• 227 x Various cards
• 108 x Various tokens
• 10 x D6 dice
• 40 x Various terrain pieces
• 2 x Rulers (12" and 16")

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